Paris Part 4 – The Golden Hour at Montmartre

Everyone has different preference. Some may think one visit is enough, but some said that you will never get tired of this city. I’m the second one.

Basilica Sacre Coeur – Basilica of the Sacred Heart

On 30th July 2016, marked as my second visit to Paris. I was lucky because the weather was wonderful, long daylight, cool breeze and no rain. Actually visiting this city during summer isn’t recommended by most of the sources out there. Because… long queue, the heat, gazillions of people wandering around this city, so you gotta be early if you don’t want to waste your time waiting.

Due to limited time during my first Paris trip in 2014, I did not have the ample time to visit this lovely neighbourhood. Montmarte situated at the Paris 18th arrondissement famous for their poets and artist. This place also where movie “Amelie” was filmed.

We started from Metro line 4 to stop at Barbes Rochechouart, from there then take another metro line 2 and stop at Anvers. Reaching Anvers, you can either take the stairs towards the basilica or to take the Funicular Montmartre.

Another option, you can also start from Pigalle metro and make your scenic way up to the hill. This way will take you through the best places to see in and around Montmatre.

Place du  Tertre, one of the touristy spot in Montmartre.
The overpriced cafe and restaurant on the square. They serve desserts and crepe.
The street behind Sacre Coeur
Sunset over the city of love. The highest point in Paris, where you can see Paris from here 🙂


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