Prague: The Fairy Tale City

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic also well known as City of a Hundred Spires.My recent visit to Prague was last year July. It was during the peak season, packed with tourists, Prague’s summer months pulse with energy.

Inspired by other blogger’s Instagram post, I made this city to my list on this summer trip. The first time I got down from the Metro Station “Malostranka” line A, I fell in love with the city so much. Its so beautiful, feels like you’re living in the fairy tale land. I’ve heard it said that Prague is ‘the Paris of the East’, yes indeed! It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, with a variety of architecture and charm that makes every street pleasant to walk down.

tiny doors and window at Golden Lane, a part of Prague Castle complex
Roaming around Nerudova Street
Charles Bridge is one of the most visited sights in Prague

I fell in love with the Charles Bridge and its view of Prague Castle early the next morning, when I got up at 5 am to beat the crowds and see the sun rise over the Charles Bridge. Also, for the sake of taking photo of iconic places without the tourist being captured in the frame. I walk out my apartment in Mala Strana just with small amount of money, complete with my fully charged phone and camera in the pocket, while my brother still asleep.

The sun rising over the city on clear mornings, the temperature still 15-17 degree. I really love the idea of waking up with the city. The city still sleeping, the streets are quiet, none of the restaurants are open. I observed locals are out starting their day: people leaving for work or getting ready opening their shop, grandmas going for their grocery shopping, couples taking their dogs for a walk.

Cobble stoned alley somewhere in the Little Quarter (Mala Strana)
Summer morning stroll, this stairs is heading towards the castle.
The Vltava River and Charles Bridge from River Side (Mala Strana)
Prague rooftop from Starbucks at Prague Castle

My Prague favorite things to do:

  • Charles Bridge in the morning. Why? I can take good picture without the crowds.I woke up at 5am only for that, but its really worth it.
  • Charles Bridge from the riverside of Mala Strana, from here you can get the clear view of the swan, Old town tower, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Prague rooftop from the Castle
  • Nerudova Street, this is a very busy street, inclined and takes you to the Prague Castle and The Loretta.

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