Paris part 6 – April Bloom

Here comes the sunshine and the cold wind together and they soak up to that special April in Paris. The city of love is blooming. Spring is always a good idea, it is the best season of the year. Chestnut groves blossom, city parks burst into flower, plane trees sprout foliage over boulevards, and cafe terraces buzz with newfound energy as Parisians head outdoors to enjoy spring’s soft warm days.

Honestly I was totally obsessed over how pretty Paris in springtime. They are just too pretty. I believe most of you have seen sakura before aka cherry blossom. In spring, the beautiful pink and white colors of cherry blossoms dispatched throughout Paris. There are few places where you can find them, one of it just outside the bookshop Shakespeare and Co. Pretty sure that you will love it.

Cherry tree standing in front of this remakeable bookshop.

When you’re walking along the Notre-Dame and river Seine, sit down on a green bench to admire roof of pink color right above you.

The Notre Dame Cathedral from different point of view

For another Spring in Paris experience, you can find it along the street of Montmartre, those are pretty houses full of Wisteria in bloom. That quaint street situated just behind Place du Tertre and Sacre Coeur Basilica, its in the same lane with La Moison Rose.

Quaint little street in Montmartre
Sacre Coeur Basilica, carousel, and perfect blue sky

In my previous post, I mentioned about this book store, Shakespeare and Co but I haven’t share how the interior looks like. This time I’ve successfully captured some secretly but limited, due to no pictures are allowed. Peace!

A reading room in second floor, there is a piano. Its allowed to play this piano
Another corner, also a reading corner