Paris part 6 – April Bloom

Here comes the sunshine and the cold wind together and they soak up to that special April in Paris. The city of love is blooming. Spring is always a good idea, it is the best season of the year. Chestnut groves blossom, city parks burst into flower, plane trees sprout foliage over boulevards, and cafe terraces buzz with newfound energy as Parisians head outdoors to enjoy spring’s soft warm days.

Honestly I was totally obsessed over how pretty Paris in springtime. They are just too pretty. I believe most of you have seen sakura before aka cherry blossom. In spring, the beautiful pink and white colors of cherry blossoms dispatched throughout Paris. There are few places where you can find them, one of it just outside the bookshop Shakespeare and Co. Pretty sure that you will love it.

Cherry tree standing in front of this remakeable bookshop.

When you’re walking along the Notre-Dame and river Seine, sit down on a green bench to admire roof of pink color right above you.

The Notre Dame Cathedral from different point of view

For another Spring in Paris experience, you can find it along the street of Montmartre, those are pretty houses full of Wisteria in bloom. That quaint street situated just behind Place du Tertre and Sacre Coeur Basilica, its in the same lane with La Moison Rose.

Quaint little street in Montmartre
Sacre Coeur Basilica, carousel, and perfect blue sky

In my previous post, I mentioned about this book store, Shakespeare and Co but I haven’t share how the interior looks like. This time I’ve successfully captured some secretly but limited, due to no pictures are allowed. Peace!

A reading room in second floor, there is a piano. Its allowed to play this piano
Another corner, also a reading corner


Prague: The Fairy Tale City

Prague is the capital city of Czech Republic also well known as City of a Hundred Spires.My recent visit to Prague was last year July. It was during the peak season, packed with tourists, Prague’s summer months pulse with energy.

Inspired by other blogger’s Instagram post, I made this city to my list on this summer trip. The first time I got down from the Metro Station “Malostranka” line A, I fell in love with the city so much. Its so beautiful, feels like you’re living in the fairy tale land. I’ve heard it said that Prague is ‘the Paris of the East’, yes indeed! It is one of the best preserved medieval towns in Europe, with a variety of architecture and charm that makes every street pleasant to walk down.

tiny doors and window at Golden Lane, a part of Prague Castle complex
Roaming around Nerudova Street
Charles Bridge is one of the most visited sights in Prague

I fell in love with the Charles Bridge and its view of Prague Castle early the next morning, when I got up at 5 am to beat the crowds and see the sun rise over the Charles Bridge. Also, for the sake of taking photo of iconic places without the tourist being captured in the frame. I walk out my apartment in Mala Strana just with small amount of money, complete with my fully charged phone and camera in the pocket, while my brother still asleep.

The sun rising over the city on clear mornings, the temperature still 15-17 degree. I really love the idea of waking up with the city. The city still sleeping, the streets are quiet, none of the restaurants are open. I observed locals are out starting their day: people leaving for work or getting ready opening their shop, grandmas going for their grocery shopping, couples taking their dogs for a walk.

Cobble stoned alley somewhere in the Little Quarter (Mala Strana)
Summer morning stroll, this stairs is heading towards the castle.
The Vltava River and Charles Bridge from River Side (Mala Strana)
Prague rooftop from Starbucks at Prague Castle

My Prague favorite things to do:

  • Charles Bridge in the morning. Why? I can take good picture without the crowds.I woke up at 5am only for that, but its really worth it.
  • Charles Bridge from the riverside of Mala Strana, from here you can get the clear view of the swan, Old town tower, Church of Saint Francis of Assisi
  • Prague rooftop from the Castle
  • Nerudova Street, this is a very busy street, inclined and takes you to the Prague Castle and The Loretta.

Paris Part 5 – All other beautiful things

Honestly, this city never fails to amazed me, walking along the Seine, picnic at the park under the winter sun, watching people passing by, those really take my breath away. You will always find something new in every corner of this city.

There are few places which are away from the summer crowd, we discovered one, its situated behind the Catacombs Paris. They’re just like those dreamy photo shoot which are Instagramable: Pretty windows, pastel painted building which complement your OOTD, plus an almost empty street. You will hardly notice anyone passing by. So girls, get ready your camera!

Closest stop: Denfert Rochereau (RER B)

Le Pont Neuf in the background, just 15 minutes walk from Notre Dame
That pastel painted building with pretty Parisian window
Beautiful street just behind the Catacombs Paris
Me as a typical asian tourist
Human parade on top of Montmartre
Aren’t they charming?
Metro is right here!

Paris Part 4 – The Golden Hour at Montmartre

Paris Part 3 – The City of Light, City of Love, City of Dream

Paris Part 2 – Hotel Esmeralda

Paris Part 1 – Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris

Paris Part 4 – The Golden Hour at Montmartre

Everyone has different preference. Some may think one visit is enough, but some said that you will never get tired of this city. I’m the second one.

Basilica Sacre Coeur – Basilica of the Sacred Heart

On 30th July 2016, marked as my second visit to Paris. I was lucky because the weather was wonderful, long daylight, cool breeze and no rain. Actually visiting this city during summer isn’t recommended by most of the sources out there. Because… long queue, the heat, gazillions of people wandering around this city, so you gotta be early if you don’t want to waste your time waiting. Continue reading

Paris Part 3 – The City of Light, City of Love, City of Dream

On that day, me and my friend took a stroll along the Seine, started from our hotel, to the Louvre, then a stop over at Jardin du Luxembourg, followed by a quick stop at Pont Alexandre III until reaching our final stop which is The Eiffel Tower. The Eiffel tower can be seen from different side, this time is from Trocadero.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset
Tour Eiffel from Trocadero. The sky was gloomy.


Underground Paris Metro
Another still of underground metro


Pont Alexandre III – One of the most beautiful bridge in Paris. It connects Champ Elysees and Invalides

Pont Alexandre was built during the 19th century, located in the heart of Paris, it connects Invalides and Champ Elysees. This bridge is one of a kind, gathering exclusive statues, candelabras and decorations as symbol of the French refinement.

Eiffel Tower from Pont Alexandre III
Sign of Paris underground Metro

Shakespeare and Company, arguably the most famous independent bookstore in the world, occupies a prime piece of real estate facing the Seine in Paris, not far from the Latin Quarter, Place Saint-Michel, and Boulevard Saint-Germain.

Set up in the early 17th century building on a one-block stretch of Rue de la Bûcherie, with its small half-plaza in front, its weather-beaten bookstalls, its green-and-yellow façade, its hand-hewn, rustic-looking signage, can feel like entering a time warp to a quieter, older Paris—a little bit Beat Generation, a little bit Victor Hugo. During high season, you will notice a queue waiting to get into the store or tourist stopping at the sidewalk to snap a photo, just like me.

I did not managed to snap some photos of their interior, due to no camera allowed. Even though you don’t have the intention to buy any books, there is nothing to lose to join their queue just to know what is inside this tiny bookshop!

More details about the Shakespeare and Company bookshop here

A tourist pose in front of this bookshop


Paris Part 2 – Hotel Esmeralda

“Morning in Paris, the city awakes to the bells of Notre-Dame…”
“The fisherman fishes, the bakerman bakes to the bells of Notre-Dame.”
“To the big bells as loud as the thunder, to the little bells soft as a psalm..”
“..and some say the soul of the city is the toll of the bells…”
“The bells of Notre-Dame”

(Taken from The Hunchback of the Notre-Dame 1996)


Waking up to the sound of cathedral bells each morning was a memorable experience of my stay in this hotel.

Hotel Esmeralda situated at the left bank of the Seine. It is centrally located just across Île de la Cité where the Notre-Dame Cathedral located and it’s just 5 minutes walk to RER B (express train which can take you directly to Roissy-Charles de Gaulle).

Continue reading